2017 is coming

If you are interested in the developement of 2017 you can view the latest devblog here, or visit the forums for the latest news here


Welcome to 2017, a complete conversion mod based on the Arma 3 engine.

2017 is an open world game with elements of survival, crafting, base building with in-game quests and missions.

Post Apocalyptic World

Society has collapsed, leaving abject chaos in its place, or 'Broken Britian' as the final pages of the media described before the great demise came to be. It is now a dog eat dog world, where every man or woman is for themselves in a world of degradation, fear, and very little hope.


Bamburgh, is 2017Mod's very own custom made map.

The map is based in the UK and consists of small costal and inland towns, all now decayed and left to be claimed by whichever group of survivors can muster the strength to stake it as their own patch.

The image to the left is an early development sketch of the map. More will be revealed as we develop and release