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Why think indie games is excited!


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    A Post-Apocalyptic Extreme Survival Horror Modification for Bohemia Interactive's Arma 3 Team: - Code Development: Daniel (Dscha), Scott (Uro) - 3D Modelling / Texturing: Andrea (Schultz), Scott (Uro) - Sound Design: TBA - Terrain Design: Schultz,…
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    hey Schultz, looks great :)
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    Posted the thread Why think indie games is excited!.

    We have made a little content.. nothing insane but worked on it show it off on our pages! Our blog on Tumblr (until website is ready) think-indie-games.tumblr.com/p…600208716/2017-mod-arma-3 If you like what you see and enjoy finding indie games and…
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    I'm French :)
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    A dev-blog without pics would be a bit meh... There you are, some mixed pics from the last two months: dn5hU97.jpg eQkZ6AB.jpg ZLJYwbs.jpg QNZP64F.jpg 9oJdbVS.jpg
  • Mimz -

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    Non ho parlato l'Italiano dopo tanti anni... Then I will answer in english. I'm really pleased to try this mod. A lot of Arma 3 mods are now deads, or failed. The only one remaining (and the only one very good) is Breaking point. Really hope Arma 3…
  • Dscha -

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    no spoilerare!!11unodostres